Pentarius is a one-man submersible designed by Graham Hawkes and adventurer Steve Fossett to take on the deepest ocean spot in the world, Challenger Deep in the Pacific Ocean – 36,201 feet (11034m) deep. Pentarius is an “aero-submarine” which uses hydrodynamic forces to descend, meaning the sub has positive buoyancy.

The pressure hull is built of carbon fiber with an aluminum dome at the back end and a fused quartz dome at the front for the pilot. The fused quartz took over three years to machine from a 2800 lb ingot to a 550 lb hemispherical dome.  The rest of the sub is “flooded” – with water surrounding the components; important items are filled with oil but are still exposed to the full pressure, including the batteries, servos, and electric motors that are used for motion on the seafloor. Syntactic foam, a buoyant material, makes up the rest of the volume of the sub. The sub’s instruments include high def sonar, video, and chemical sensors. Together, they will allow scientists to paint a full picture of the deep environment based on an unprecedented amount of raw data.


The Super Falcon Polaris is an extraordinary craft. Two people can comfortably dive to three hundred feet, safely. Once underwater the electrically propelled sub is ghost quiet. Positive buoyancy plus safety backups guarantee a return to the surface every time. We are opening up the opportunity for just 15 people to buy a share of Polaris and join the team personally to learn sub diving in exotic locales.

Polaris was originally owned by noted venture capitalist Tom Perkins; years ago, Tom told Chris personally “of all my possessions – the Maltese Falcon, my Ferraris, everything, the Super Falcon is my favorite“. Tom eventually converted a boat just to carry Polaris to remote areas to dive.

Who else owns a Super Falcon? Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz keeps one on his private island in Fiji.

Now as part of the Polaris Club you can enjoy what they so enjoyed…

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