We started here

Headed toward Shanghai to meet with possible partners in marine manufacturing. Along the way we passed dozens of shipping vessels lined up for tens of miles outside the Shanghai harbor. As of 2016, Shanghai is the busiest container port in the world, handling nearly 40 million twenty-foot equvialent units (TEUs), the volume of a 20ft-long container, a year and nearly 67 vessels a day!

And then...

Pilot on board! Once the team was 60 miles outside Shanghai, it was required of us to have a Chinese pilot bring us into the harbor. Not many noncommercial vessels come through Shanghai, let alone submarine-carrying catamarans, and our pilot – as well as onshore onlookers – were very interested in our porject.

And after that...

Arrived in Shanghai and tied up along the Bund on Huangpu River. Over the next three days the team attended the Ocean International Conference and explored opportunities in manufacturing submarines with the newly acquired Deep Flight IP.

We finished here

A very excited team of customs officers came aboard Cheyenne to check us out of China. Everyone ended up taking their picture with the Super Falcon before we departed for Okinawa!

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