Polaris Club

The Super Falcon

The Super Falcon Polaris is an extraordinary craft. Two people can comfortably dive to three hundred feet, safely. Once underwater the electrically propelled sub is ghost quiet. Positive buoyancy plus safety backups guarantee a return to the surface every time. We are opening up the opportunity for just 15 people to buy a share of Polaris and join the team personally to learn sub diving in exotic locales.


Polaris was originally owned by noted venture capitalist Tom Perkins; years ago, Tom told Chris personally “of all my possessions – the Maltese Falcon, my Ferraris, everything, the Super Falcon is my favorite“. Tom eventually converted a boat just to carry Polaris to remote areas to dive.

Who else owns a Super Falcon? Red Bull founder Dietrich Mateschitz keeps one on his private island in Fiji.

Now as part of the Polaris Club you can enjoy what they so enjoyed…

Truk Lagoon

Diving Truk Lagoon is a rare enough joy. Diving a place like that in your own submersible is far, far rarer. In any cocktail crowd, you will be the only one who dove their sub last week or even this year. Members will progress from accompanied dives to piloting Polaris themselves with their passenger.  The whole curriculum can also be a stepping stone to solo diving our deep sub Pentarius on deeper dives if that is on your wish list.

No other sub in the world is this easy and this convenient

Generally diving a sub is limited to places close enough to support docks and every dive is to the same area again and again. Not so with Polaris. Between the mothership, our crew chief, sub techs, and deckhands, Deep Sub LLC has the team and resources to support Polaris and transport her to remote locations where every dive is unique. Cheyenne will take the sub to launch at each location – no long tows needed. One minute after closing the dome you will be diving, and within minutes of surfacing you will be back onboard the Mothership, climbing out.

How Polaris Club Works

Polaris Club members will have near unlimited access to Polaris. Members are invited to join us at each location and dive 2-8 dives per country. We will endeavor to be based near resorts so companions are happy while the member is diving, and the dives can be anywhere within 10-15 miles of the base – with the speed of Cheyenne, we can venture in a different direction every day.
Members will own their share and it is transferable. As members become proficient in operating Polaris they will be eligible to dive solo and take companions along.
Contact us to join the Polaris Club!

Pentarius and the mothership will set off on a widely encompassing journey, from the heart of San Francisco to the Marinas, China, and the multitude of oceans and marine depths that lie between.