Our Missions

  • Submarines and Great Whites – Guadalupe Island, Baja, Mexico

  • Creating a Fin Whale Fall – La Jolla, California

  • Sub Testing & Exploration – Southern California

  • Humpback Whale Birthing and Mating – Silver Banks, Dominican Republic

  • Underwater Survey – Channel Islands, California

  • Submarines & Great Whites – Farallon Islands, California

  • WWII Wreck Surveying – Honolulu, Hawaii

Our Passion

Pentarius is a grassroots effort, the product of one man and many others combining their mutual passion for the ocean with a combination of resources that will enable global projects to help inspire and drive change. Our results will be shared openly; our objective is to make a difference in people’s knowledge of the sea and raise awareness of the real solutions available to make a positive impact on ocean health.


Chasing Giant Squid

There’s a magical realm of congregation halfway across the Pacific, a gathering of species from tiny shrimp to great white sharks, and below which lies one of the most unusual beings of our oceans: the giant squid. Luckily, the sperm whales act as guides the Pied Piper of the deep unknown, hunting their prey and leading us down the pathways to the mythic depths, in search of these magnificent creatures.

Wreck Finding

There are thousands, possibly even hundreds of thousands of wrecks around the world that are yet to be identified. Our historians are on a mission to document _____ (as many as possible, certain ones, what’s the overall goal?>)

Our first project of 2019 was to log the Hawaiian coast, in search of two American and two Japanese WWII subs, one of which was sent to lead a second attack on Pearl Harbor, which went missing after arriving on station to coordinate the attack. We will also be searching for any other dumped munitions in the otherwise pristine waters of one of America’s most beautiful island chains and the California coastline. We spent ___ weeks doing ____ and found ____(or link to blog post). After Hawaii, we will head further west to search for additional WWII wrecks in the Western Pacific.

Underwater Munitions

Sadly, there are millions of tons of munitions that have been dumped in the sea. Nasty chemical weapons like Mustard Gas, VX Nerve Gas & Sarin Nerve Gas. Conventional bombs, mortars, and shells. All are harmful to the environment and humans and all are degrading. Our opportunity today is to help document the current sites, and initiate cleanup efforts while the munitions are intact – before the toxins spread.

Microplastics and their Impact

Micro-fibers are insidious – they come from the breakdown of plastics and from every kind of synthetic textile when it wears or is washed. Recent studies have shown more comes from the dryer than the washer. These fibers are virtually impossible to clean up in the environment, and they are everywhere. They are in the sea salt on your table and ingested by microbes, entering the food chain to the seafood on your table, and then into you. One of our objectives will to be taking samples from the ocean depths as well as daily along our journey, to document the spread of micro-plastics, and inspire the change needed worldwide, as the impact is global.


(Image Credit: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Snap-40.jpg)


Ever wanted to have a street view, under the ocean? What do the ocean depths really look like? How do they differ island to island?

Our Direction

Pentarius and the mothership have set off on a widely encompassing journey, from the heart of San Francisco to the Marinas, China, and the multitude of oceans and marine depths that lie between.