California Coast - Underwater Munitions

Our initial dives will be along the coast to photograph and characterize munitions dumping from the 50's, 60's and 70's on our coastline.

Mid-Pacific - Chasing Giant Squid

Great white sharks, sperm whales, and giant squid congregate in the mid-Pacific, half way to Hawaii. We will spend five days diving in this area, the most remote area from a coastline anywhere in the world.

Hawaiian Sub Wrecks

We will be looking for two American and two Japanese subs from WWII. Among these are a Japanese sub that was sent to lead a second attack on Pearl Harbor - and went missing after reporting ons station to coordinate the attack.

After Hawaii, we will search for additional WWII wrecks in the Western Pacific.

The Big Dives - Into the Trenches

After the first three missions, we will start diving on trenches below 20,000 feet in the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans, then eventually into the Atlantic. This represents the next two years of dive locations.

More on the Trenches

The primary goal is to hit the deepest location in each of the five ocean basins. The name of the sub - Pentarius - comes from five, pent, and Aquarius, the water carrier. Beyond these five are dozens more great trench dives - trenches where subduction is happening more quickly like the Tonga, or closer to land like the Kermadec and New Briton. Spreading ridges, smokers, fault lines, deep wrecks - all lie ahead.

The Crowd Sourced Expedition

We want your input! We will collect suggestions from the crowd and eventually crowd source the destination that is most popular and go there. We will be looking for not only the where, but the why - what is in the place you think we should go?