Munitions Dumping

Sadly, there are millions of tons of munitions that have been dumped in the sea. Nasty chemical weapons like Mustard Gas, VX Nerve Gas & Sarin Nerve Gas. Conventional bombs, mortars and shells. All are harmful to the environment and humans and all are degrading. Our opportunity today is to initiate clean up efforts while the munitions are intact - before the toxins spread.

Plastic Micro-Fibers

Micro-fibers are insidious - they come from the breakdown of plastics and from every kind of synthetic textile when it wears or is washed. Recent studies have shown more comes from the dryer than the washer. These fibers are virtually impossible to clean up in the environment, and they are everywhere. They are in the sea salt on your table and ingested by microbes, entering the food chain to the seafood on your table, and then in you.