Underwater Munitions

Documenting Munitions Dumping & Effects Around the World

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Chasing Giant Squid

Our goal is to follow sperm whales to the deep unknown in search of Giant Squid

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Wreck Finding

Thousands of historic wrecks have yet to be found and identified. Our first wreck expedition will be to locate two American and two Japanese WW II subs off Hawaii.

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Our Sub and Our Big Mission - The Five Trench Dives and Beyond

Pentarius is designed to go deep. Really deep, 36,000 feet down, anywhere in the world. Seamounts, trenches, undersea vents - our goal is to see it all and bring that experience back to the surface for everyone to see.

Our big mission is trench diving - exploring the 30,000 miles of trenches that encircle the Earth.

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What We Care About

  1. Exploration
  2. Munition Dumping
  3. Micro-Fibers in the Sea
  4. Solutions to Improve the Ocean